Ivana Buzolića 9, Hvar, Croatia


Owner: Ivanka Ivanović
Address: Ivana Buzolića 9
Phone: +385 (0) 21 741 332
Mobitel: +385 (0) 91 5177 038
Fax: +385(0) 21 741 332
E-mail: ivanka.ivanovic@st.t-com.hr

About us

This web site provides you with all the information about us, our apartments, and photos of our little Mediterranean jewel. We have five apartments and two bedrooms above our family home, which is situated in a quiet suburb. Apartments have beautiful sea view with all the islands,fortress, and are within walking distance from the town centre.

Apartments and rooms are newly furnished, built recently. Every apartment has bedroom, kitchen, balcony, TV-sat, and we provide parking. The bedrooms have their own bathroom , fridge, TV-sat, balconies and kitchen to share. Everything is air-conditioned and in winter there is central heating.
We look forward to see you soon, and you will find out what a beautiful island it is.

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